Sunday, September 22, 2019

Critical debates in planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Critical debates in planning - Essay Example Therefore, an important framework in planning should emphasize the importance of all forms of combination of policy monitoring within a spatial analytical structure, the allowance of combining different types of indicators across different themes and the application of a collaborative approach among key stakeholders (Wong & Watkins, 2009: 481). Carmona, M. and Sieh, L (2008) in Judging Performance Measurement in Planning argue that the planning process can be reliably measured despite the fact that performance measurement across public sector in the UK is data rich and information insufficient (Carmona & Sieh, 2008:428). The authors argue that performance measurement is a complex process including developing a framework for that purpose. They state, â€Å"Attempting to understand this complexity, let alone develop a framework for how performance can be measured, is therefore always likely to be a major challenge† (Carmona & Sieh, 2008:428). To handle this issue effectively, policy needs and measurement tools must be included in the overall framework. Houghton (1997) in Performance Indicators in Town Planning argues that the current planning speed performance indicators in planning are of questionable value and has an undue stress on efficiency as compared to effectiveness. Unlike other analysts who argue that development and sustainability are antithetical, Houghton argues that in the use of resources, development needs to be the same as growth and goes on to state, â€Å"Central to this new stress on effective and efficient management in local government has been the introduction of performance measurement (Houghton, 1997:2). Wong & Watkins (2009) argument’s strength is that the authors introduce the readers to the debates that exist in planning, the challenges, and possible working framework for spatial planning. They have included

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