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How ICT requirements are met in an organisation Essay

Report B: How ICT requirements are met in an organisation Before Haden was introduced ICT, everything was done by hand. This took longer and was not a reliable method of processing information. Haden has many departments and altogether they have many computers. I am going to only analyse one of those departments because doing the whole building with the number of computers will be ridiculous. The department I will be analysing is the Fraud department. This department deals with all the people committing benefit fraud. They work with the police to get those people in court. The Fraud department found it hard to cope without computers. When the computers were introduced everything was easy. Everything needed ICT. In the Fraud department there are 45 computers. Here are the specifications of the hardware. Hardware – Input devices Keyboard- There is 40 standard QWERTY keyboards and 5 ergonomic keyboards. Ergonomic keyboards are QWERTY but the layout is different. The keyboards connect by PS/2 port. Mice- There is 45 standard mice. These come as default on all the computers. The mice connect also connect through PS/2 port. Digital Cameras- These cameras are devices that can take photos or moving images (films) and transfer them on to a PC. The images are JPEG, GIF, UGA, UFO or PSO. There are a total of 4 cameras in the department. The digital cameras connect to the via USB port. Scanners- There is 2 scanners in the department and they also transfer images to the computer. They work like photocopier but can transfer the images to a PC. This device also connects through USB port. Web Cams- The web cams are used to project moving images on to the internet. Only 7 computers have these and they are only used for handling confidential documents. The web cams connect to the computers by the USB port. The web cams are used for personal use. Well, that’s what I think! An input device is something that transfers raw data into a computer for it to be processed. These can include images and evidence from fraud suspects. Output devices Monitors- There is 45 monitors. 5 flat screen monitors, also know as LCD (liquid crystal display) screens and the rest are standard default monitors which are CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors. The monitors connect through the serial port. Colour printer- The colour printers are used to print documents with Haden’s header on them. The colour makes it more professional. The printers connect through the LPT or parallel port. These are the main output devices. They take raw information/data and give it back to us processed. Every computer has many different specifications inside and outside. The computers are all the same so it will be easy to describe them. Below are the specifications. Compaq Deskpro 40 GB Hard drive CD/CD-RW Drive Floppy Drive Zip Drive 512 mb DDR RAM 64 mb DDR Geforce 4 graphics card Creative soundcard Ethernet Card Modem port 4 USB 2. 0 ports 2 serial ports 2 LPT/parallel ports 2 Fire wire ports 2 PS/2 ports 1 game pad port 1 Network port The hard drives are big so that a lot of data can be stored. But there is a downfall to that. It is easier for files to get lost and the file security is not great. The RAM is a ridiculously large. It seems like the computers are made to play games and not do work. This also applies for the graphics card. It also has a large card memory. Most of it is wasted because it is not being used. The department can save a lot of money they had computers which are a bit lower on the specifications. (RAM, Graphics card etc) As all the computers are same, it is easy for me to describe only one of the computers specifications because they have the same specifications like the other computers in the department. There is a large server for the department. The server is very fast and quick. Below are the server specifications. Intel Pentium 4 M 3. 0 GHz processor memory 1024 mb DDR RAM 120 GB Hard drive Tape drive CD/CD-RW Drive Floppy Drive All the computers are Compaq brand. They are reliable and safe to use. Software The computers have different software installed on their hard drives. The computers are new. They have Microsoft Office 2002 installed on their hard drive. They also have other programs like anti-virus. Microsoft Word- This is the default word processing application. It is easy to use and it has many features like recording macros and inserting pictures. Microsoft Excel- This application is installed on the system but it is not used often. It may be used to do calculations for wages and salaries. I am not very sure what it is used for in this department. Microsoft Access- This application is not used. Database- Haden have there own database. It is very complicated to use their database. It comes up as a black screen with white writing. Almost like MS-DOS on old computers. The database holds information of people that have benefits and that commit fraud. You have to be trained to use the database because it is so complicated. This is what I think are in the databases: Name, address, post code, county, age, gender, contact details, national insurance number etc. Outlook Express- Easy to use and is fast for sending and receiving information. The e-mail is not for personal use. The companies boss can other employees can read the personal e-mails. Information is not confidential so it is a great and fast method of transferring data. Internet Explorer is used to surf the web for web related fraud. The internet has a special tracking device that seeks out people using other people’s insurance numbers and other details to get money. Intranet- All the computers are linked to an intranet. The intranet is a small network that only the company personnel can enter. No one from the outside, like me, can enter the intranet. Some of the files are password protected and only those who have the password can enter. Others are common files that everyone linked to the intranet can access. All personnel have their own password. They also have a card key that is used to enter the PC otherwise they do not have access. Norton System works is an antivirus application. All the computers have this software to protect against viruses. There is however a disadvantage. There is no internet firewall. Although one will be installed soon, the security is at risk and therefore hackers can enter easily. Evidence Eliminator is an application that is used to destroy unwanted fraud evidence from the Fraud departments’ computers. The evidence will no longer be available for hackers. Evaluation Haden’s use of ICT is excellent. They are faster now than before computers were introduced. The department of Fraud has found that using ICT is a must for them. Most of it is writing up databases. They have improved in using their own database that has outstanding security due to it being hard to use. There are several advantages and disadvantages. The main one is that the computers can get out of date and will require fixing all the time. Another disadvantage is in the Fraud computers the security is not that good. Hackers can attack it easily. The evidence eliminator application will have to be used several times because there is no firewall and hacker can attack any time. The Fraud department has to step up its security to insure that it is safe to transfer files through the networks. Overall, the organisation has improved in keeping things up to date. The security has to improve for the internet, other than that; the company is sophisticated and well improved.

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